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7178 Columbia Gateway Dr, Columbia, MD 21046, United States
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Fulton, MD is located in central Howard County. It is home to many attractions that will please! Whether you're looking for outdoor activities, shopping, dining, or entertainment, the town has something for everyone.

Take a stroll through Downtown Fulton and explore its many historical sites including the Church of St. John the Apostle, an old-world church dating back to 1791. Nearby is the historic Rosemont Manor, a magnificent mansion built in 1859 which houses a museum dedicated to the history of Fulton. There are also several art galleries in the area showcasing local and international artwork.

For those looking for some outdoor fun, there are plenty of parks and trails in Fulton including Centennial Park which features sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas as well as walking paths along scenic lakeside views. The C&O Canal Towpath runs through Fulton offering cyclists and runners an opportunity to explore this amazing National Historic Trail.

Fulton also offers great shopping opportunities with stores like Weis Markets, Dollar General, and Target all located within town limits. There are many restaurants in Fulton, from casual eateries such as Subway and McDonald's, to more formal venues like The Black Olive, where you can enjoy fine Mediterranean food. Of course, no trip to Fulton would be complete without stopping by one of its famous ice cream shops like Cold Stone Creamery or Friendly's!

No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone in beautiful Fulton MD


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